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Harmony Healing Center is a part of the Harmony Recovery Group family. Founded by leading innovators in the field of behavioral health who are dedicated to excellence in care.


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We are honored by the opportunity to help every patient entrusted to our care. Here are just a few of the stories of hope we’re proud to share.

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Harmony Healing Center is at the forefront of innovation in behavioral healthcare. Evidence-based care that delivers results is what we do best. As a part of the Harmony Recovery Group family, we have been part of transforming thousands of lives.





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Addiction Programs

At Harmony Healing Center, we offer a full spectrum of care. Our program is designed to meet the diverse needs of people struggling with addiction. Whether you are a professional, student or a homemaker, we have a plan that will fit your lifestyle.

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In Cherry Hill, NJ, Harmony Healing Center is less than an hour away from 4 major cities. Our location was carefully chosen so we could deliver the Harmony Recovery Group brand of care where we saw the greatest demand.

Admission Process

Nearly everyone on staff at Harmony Healing Center is either in recovery or has had their lives touched by it. We are compassionate professionals. Our admissions process is easy and reflects the level of commitment to excellent that Harmony Recovery Group is known for.

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We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

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